The best investments are built on solid relationships.


We create environments where people work, shop, live, entertain, and seek good health.

Stable returns
for investors.

long-term tenants.

property management.


We are opportunistic real estate investors dedicated to the acquisition and ownership of medical, office, retail, and multifamily properties. We seek assets where increased value can be unlocked and stable returns achieved through renovation, repositioning, and leasing. Decisions to invest are predicated upon in-depth financial analysis and thorough knowledge of market conditions.


New projects require vision, patience, and coordination of multiple professionals. HB Nitkin’s development team has both the creativity and technical skills to usher the projects through the initial planning and design phases, to construction and completion, and ultimately leasing to a stabilized occupancy. All aspects of the process, from scheduling, budgeting, and negotiation are tightly controlled resulting in a project completed in an efficient and timely manner.


We are exceptionally responsive. Our philosophy is a satisfied tenant is a long-term tenant. Our property management professionals have decades of hands-on experience in being proactive to resolving property issues. Steadfast attention to our tenants and the maintenance of the properties is essential to how we conduct business.

Who we are

HB Nitkin, founded in 1984 by Helen and Bradley Nitkin, is a real estate investment company that invests in, develops, and manages a diversified portfolio of properties.

We are a team of professionals working collaboratively to create a built environment where people can work, live, be healthy, and find community.  It is our goal to establish environments where businesses operate successfully, people live comfortably, and our investors can achieve solid and stable returns. A guiding principle is that we view all stakeholders with respect and appreciate the importance of these relationships.

How we do it

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We are Market Savvy

We acquire properties only when our market knowledge and expertise indicate increased value can be achieved and the investment aligns with our parameters and goals.

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We Create Value

We take a unique, adaptive approach to each property, bringing it to the highest level of quality in its respective market. ​

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We Invest in Relationships

Strong long-term relationships results in mutually beneficial outcomes for all our stakeholders.

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Reputation Matters

We deliver on what we set out to accomplish with transparency, honesty and integrity.